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Guitar Club

Guitar Club every Wednesday from 2:25-3:25

 except the 2nd Wednesday of each month (Oct 12th, Nov 9th, Dec 14th, Jan 11th, Feb 8th, March 8th, Apr 12th, May 10th, June 7th)

Parents please provide a signed permission form stating intention to pick up student or giving Hi to walk home.

I have never played Guitar or Ukulele before, is that ok?
Absolutely!  Guitar Club is a great place for any experience level including no experience at all!  How cool is it that you don't even have to own a guitar to be a member?  Try it out and see if its right for you before you invest in an instrument! 
Do I have to be currently enrolled in General Music to be a part of guitar club?
Any student at Pelham Memorial School is welcome at Guitar Club!  The Club runs all year long and is open to all students and staff!
Do I have to come to Guitar Club every week?
Guitar Club has an open door policy.  While you are required to sign in each week, no one is required to attend Guitar Club.  The only exception being if you fall behind and require some extra help!!!
Can I bring my own instrument?
Yes!  Students are encouraged to bring their own acoustic (not electric) instrument.  If you don't own an instrument don't worry!  We have Guitars, Ukulele's, and Even a Banjo for you to use at the club!
Are electric guitars ok to bring?
Sorry, no.  With so many people playing different things we need to keep the volume down to a minimum so there are no amps.  Acoustics only, but anything you learn here on an acoustic you can apply to an electric at home!
Can you give me private lessons?
No, I am not a private instructor.  I am facilitating a club that that is peer based learning.  Everyone helps everyone!  We share our  collective knowledge and help each other out! 
Can you fix my broken strings?
No, but I can advise you on what type of strings to buy and I can teach you how to replace them yourself!
Is Guitar Club BYOD?
Yes it is!  I can teach you about finding good online resources to learn songs!  
Can I have food or drink at the club?
No.  Water is ok.  
Do I have to follow TIGER expectations at Guitar Club?
Absolutely!  TIGER expectations are awesome and apply to everything with Mr. Pratt.  Guitar Club is a fun place to hang out and jam but its also a safe place for all students to come and learn in a judgement free environment!