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Digital Resources

These are some electronic resources that should assist you. Please contact Mrs. Nelson for the usernames and passwords.

Online Catalog

Do you need to know if the PMS library has a certain book? If so, this is the place to go! No username or password needed.


Brain Hive
If you enjoy eBooks, this is the place to go! If you would like a username and password, please contact Mrs. Nelson.

Follett Shelf
This is where we currently house our eBooks about Ancient Egypt.

Google Books
This link allows you to preview books for free.

Databases, Encyclopedias, and other Online Programs


Animated Curriculum and games!

This database provides full text articles from thousands of magazines, journals and national newspapers.

Grolier Online
This site includes access to 8 encyclopedia databases.

Online Magazines

Junior Scholastic
This is a current events and Social Studies magazine.

Scholastic Scope
This is a Language Arts magazine.

Science World
This magazine explores the world of Science.

Online Newspapers

The Boston Globe
Read the current electronic version of the Boston Globe and its archives.

Civil War Newspapers

An excellent collection of newspapers from the Civil War Era.

Google Newspaper Archives
Access scanned copies of archived newspapers from the 1800's and 1900's.

The Lowell Sun
Access the entire Lowell Sun newspaper online. You can search archives as well! 

Other Sites That May Help You

Cambridge-Rindge & Latin School
This site has an excellent step-by step explanation about how to research and write a paper. 

Noodle Tools
Are you doing research? Do you need help organizing and citing your information? Then use this program!
Library of Congress
Search the Library of Congress collection.

Pelham High School
This will send you to the Pelham High School library webpage.

Pelham Public Library
The public library has many online resources as well. If you need the user name and password for this site, please contact the public library.

Wayback Machine
Browse through 30 billion webpages archived from 1996 to a few months ago.

Who Is
If you need to know who owns a site or published the material on it, then this is the place to go!